rigbed asked: Yo, pointed your way from TCP. Some of your work looks really familiar, Were you in an issue of Manual Magazine? Also seconded for Shogun Assassin print!

Yea man I think I was a while back, I didn’t get to see the issue though. Cheers for reaching out, will update when the prints come though.

jeffshit asked: Loving your work man, the color choices especially hit the spot for me - insane talent! Have seen a few bits of your work before, but glad I found your blog.

Appreciate the kind words!

dickserious asked: God that Shogun Assassin illustration is beautiful, I need it it on my wall.

Got some artist proofs of this hopefully available later this year!

zatoichi88 asked: Is there any place I can buy your shogun assassin poster? It's fantastic

This along with the Fight Club poster are both not available anymore - but I will be listing two artist proofs of the poster and two of the Fight Club poster later this year. There will be a post on tumblr about it around November.


THE COLLECTIVE - Ep.65 - Andrew Archer

I sat down with the team at The Collective Podcast and had an awesome chat about a whole range of topics. If your interested the podcast is 2 hours long and in rough order we spoke of - shared studios, travel and inspiration, online creativity platforms, how it started, illustration agents, the business of illustration, growth and evolving and various other illustration related chatter. Enjoy