Behind the Medium

jrgiddens asked: How did you feel when you first went into freelance illustration? I really want to freelance full time but it seems so much more riskier than a steady job. :/

No doubt its riskier but also more rewarding. Same as everything in life, if you obsess and put everything into im sure it works out. Hard work > skill, all day. I kinda transitioned into it from a full time job, it just snowballed big time. 

Key is to have a theme song - , if you want it, do it - I’d rather fail than regret not trying personally..

fetchingouredisons asked: what is some of your music for getting inspired? if not music what do you use to get inspired ?

totally dependant on the mood! I love all sorts of music but for some reason some good old school hip hop/rap or 80s stuff gets stuff moving pretty quick. tumblr is pretty sweet for inspiration also as well as the endless supply of material on about procrastination and productivity usually sorts it out

Ask some questions, I’m feeling like an icy hot answering machine…