sakanahime asked: I found your work from Zed's Lost You and it's amaaaazing! Do you still sell prints? I know there's a link on your website but it seems to be down. aaa so cool u//_//u

The inprint store should still be up at:

I’m also going to be opening up an online store of my own with limited and open run giclée prints along with some other super cool secret stuff in the next couple of months. 

ayazafe asked: How do you make your lineart? Pen tool?

Pencil and scan, then add to it with the brush tool and some adjustment layers for smoothness.

Zeds Dead x Twin Shadow music video wip linework

More on instagram @andrewtarcher

wip for goodfuelco ~

More wip on instagram @andrewtarcher

youngearlgrey asked: I feel like we are coming from such a similar place in our art; and I LOVE it. You are intense, bro.

Right on, 90’s is my dream - living life golden

Shogun Assassin, private commission - 18’ x 36’, 5 colour screen print

I’m on instagram & facebook too ^^