Behind the Medium

thesopearbtouch asked: cool work

thank you mysterious follower

micrypt asked: Any plans to stop by London?

I’m sure I’ll be there at some point in the future, for now though I’m busy packing up as we speak to move to Melbourne to live in 2 weeks :) 

My facebook page normally has all the updates as to where I may be or doing etc - its a bit more informative than my tumblr.

imago-mouse asked: How long it has taken since you draw like this?

Post below prolly answers this but also to add to it: Drawing is definitely one of those things that you get rusty at, i read once from another illustrator that you should draw every moment you can, be obsessed - I started doing so years back and it really helped. Doesn’t have to be perfect or specific, just keep the ideas/flow/process of it going as much as you can.