shutupnroll asked: Just wanted to say how totally awesome your work is! Thanks a lot! Keep it up!

Your a dream. Thanks for the support and kind words!

philryndalifedrawing asked: Wow. I LOVE your passenger jet piece. Do you ever sell originals?

I haven’t sold many as I kinda like keeping em - but I may look to setup a store within my website later this year for limited prints and originals. Appreciate the support!

Little Ghosts Haunt my Stomach ~

I’m on instagram & facebook too for more wip/proccess imagery :)

Auckland City Monthly ~ pages 2, 7, 8 and 12.

I’m on instagram & facebook too for more wip/proccess imagery :)

protectbigpizza asked: I was just fortunate enough to have seen some of your work. the ghost, the reaper, the rock and the hops in particular is brilliant. are you planning on doing more pieces like this? i get such a kick out of anything that's japanese inspired with a sense of humor.

Might carry on with this series further down the line - it’s purely personal work so it comes in between jobs or in my own time which is not easily found sadly. I am and often work on other jobs with a similar japanese inspired elements - I’m sure there will always be a good amount of it around as it’s some of my favorite art :)

adding asked: mind blowing

Thanks, appreciate the kind words!

breastsidestory asked: How much and to what extent do you use reference images for your illustrations?

Differs for each job - Naturally some jobs or subjects require more accurate results but for the most part I’ll gather some anatomy ref’s (nude study/anatomy drawing) if drawing people, gather style refs of things I like (anything from patterns to clothing, type, colours etc) and use these as rough refs.

The Ghost, The Reaper, The Rock & The Hops.

I’m on instagram & facebook too for more wip/proccess imagery :)

SS01, 02 & 03 - 21 x 32cm mixed media.

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TRILL x4 - just fooling around on Friday - facebook / instagram

I illustrated this set if playcards for Tanqueray Gin late last year, a super fun job to work on ~ enjoy!

Feel free to also follow me on facebook and my new instagram (andrewtarcher) for some wip/daily updates - Thanks! <3