Variations on a theme by Andrew Archer, a New Zealand born illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m so happy to announce that after months of sorting through artworks, proofing colours and sourcing a great giclee printer I have finally launched my own online store at

Giclée Fine Art Prints

Printed on Entrada Cotton rag 300gsm acid free paper with archival pigment inks. All prints include 15mm minimum border and are signed by the artist.

Want something that’s not in the store?

Most works on my website, blog and social media can also be arranged as Giclée prints from A4 up to A0, just drop me an email.

A4, A2, A1 and A0 prints are made to order and require additional delivery time . All prints include FREE worldwide shipping. A4, A3 are shipped flat, A2, A1 and A0 are rolled to ship.

I will be posting updates of new releases on my tumblr, insta: andrewtarcher and facebook.

mono-lover asked: I didn't know that You've got a blog. Anyway thanks for not beeing mad at me that I've edited Your picture. Some of Your pictures have got a similar style to Takato Yamamoto's works for example and a lot of Japanese artist. You truly got the talent to draw.

It’s all good, it’s much in the nature of tumblr. I don’t really mind people sharing stuff and crediting it. I love Yamamoto, great artist and yea i definitely am inspired by japanese art! Thanks ~

maxokoto asked: Your stuff is absolutely amazing, I love your work and the ukiyo hints and the combination of the bright colours, just brilliant, keep it up :D

Thanks, appreciated it! I’ve always found it so interesting trying to mix different elements from different cultures/art…. your spot on!

footnotesandrazorblades asked: Hi! Just recently found your art and I am already a huge fan. I was wondering what program/s you use? Adobe Illustrator? Corel? Thanks!

Glad you enjoy the work! I only use photoshop, maybe once or twice a year I’ll make some elements in illustrator.


Andrew Archer