Crossfit How-To

Illustration for the How-To section of WIRED about crossfit. Art director: Ben Fraser.

Zombies of Wall Street

Happy new year - I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Thanks so much to all my clients and all the people I had the opportunity to work with over 2010, it was a great year and alot of fun.

Mid way through November I was lucky to be asked by Ivy Simones of the New Year Observer to illustrate the cover of the paper . There was tight timing on the deadline for this as there is in all newspapers and I had around 24-36 hours to get it to a final before it hit the shelves.

The illustration was about wall street business men and the zombie-like nature/state of wall street. Above is the first sketch I came up with which we went with. We focused a little more on the composition and added a slight angle along with some foreground and background positioning of the zombies to keep in interesting to the eye.

Here’s my linework (click to enlarge):

Some NY buildings, streetlamps, manholes and so on helped to keep it relevant and also are just fun to draw. For some reason I’ve always enjoyed drawing general city objects (streetlamps, curbs, traffic lights and so on).

The tough part was trying to keep to zombies wild but still noticeably businessman. I ended up over drawing it in my roughs and changed alot of the clothing just to suits in the final linework. I threw in some x-factor bits to make a little more fun/crazy - the ball-point pen in the head and hand holding the skeleton arm/phone seemed pretty cooleo for this.

Here’s the final (click to enlarge):

The actual print final had the closer mans head popping out of the top over the papers type as per the earlier linework.  Art direction: Ivy Simones - Published 17/11

Firewall Fighters

Recently I completed this double page spread for WIRED US about China’s system for controlling digital communication which authorities and opponents call ‘the Great Firewall’. The editorial also focuses on a specific group of public individuals who are now within the US (GIFC) who have taken matters into their own hands and made public releases of software to get people through the great firewall and into the blocked content of the internet.

WIRED was keen for me to do the illustration from a birds eye/high angle perspective so I set out to try to create a battle scene with a contrast between the public figures and Chinese government all revolving around a large firewall. I wanted to stress the scale/funding comparison between the two and used an ‘underground tech crew’ vs ‘the governments army’ approach to achieve this relation to the editorial’s content as well as adding a little bit of fun into the illustration.

Final before (click to enlarge):

Final 40cm x 26cm @ 600dpi - Art Direction: Tim Leong


I recently completed these illustrations for an editorial about different noises and what is acceptable/avoidable and what is not. Along with this there was a few extra illos which were based on being acceptable at certain times of the day. A big thanks to the art director Doris Oberneder for letting me do my thing.

Here’s my roughs/linework (click to enlarge)

And the finals (click to enlarge):

And lastly a quick image of the illustrations within the layout:

p.s - The dog is crazy? But secretly its my favourite ^^

Work of recent

I haven’t done much work over the last couple of months since I’ve been in hospo due to my lung being on strike but I do have a few things to throw down as follows:

The ever so famous Q John Nivens column:

John visits a Celtic FC football match and is overwhelmed by wild raging fans. I approached this pretty much how it is described and from the start was very clear as to how I’d finish it style/colour wise. Tight linework, a few colours of the football club, John in the middle and general chaos surrounding him. I did a 5 minute scribble and then moved on to do the good linework and colour. The process behind this Q column for Salman Naqvi and I has got so simple over the past year or so and most illustrations go right from thumbnail to final without any or very little adjustments.

Heres my linework followed by final (click to enlarge):

Art director: Salman Naqvi.

Next up an illustration for OUT’s symposium editorial. It’s an excerpt from Frederic

Mitterrand’s new memoir who is the minister of culture in France. The illustration is based upon an experience he had at a younger age when on holiday. It touches on his connection between him and another boy while the hotel he was staying at went up in flames. There was many other scenarios to choose out of the excerpt but I thought this was the most interesting. Below is my final (click to enlarge):

Last of all a cool job for a website the guys @ cactuslab contacted me to illustrate. The illustration is the background of the Mercury Energy Rugby Club.

Pretty simple and self explanatory but always fun to work on an illustration for another medium. Art directed by Matthew Buchanan and Big Communications.