Illustration about the next wave of gay athletes for ESPN.

The dream skatepark

I recently finished up this super fun illo for ESPN magazine showcasing some of the worlds top skaters favorite skate spots all wrapped into one epic skate park. It featured 9 spots from 9 of the worlds top skaters including some of my favorite skaters of all time Steve Rodriguez, Bucky Lasek and Andy Mac Donald to name a few. The spots within the illo/editorial include: Venice beach snake run, pyramid ledges NY, Brooklyn banks, pier 7 San Francisco, Santa Monica benches, Marseille beachside bowls, Melbournes roundabouts, Barcelona’s marble ledges and the Hollywood 12 step.

I had a tight deadline on this with around about a day to brainstorm/rough/linework and a day to splash some colour. With this in mind I was pretty clear from the get go as to what I wanted it to look like. I felt a fish-eye effect with it all interlinking nicely as if it was an actual skate able skate park would be key.

Here’s my rough, follow by revised line work (click to enlarge the revised line work)

I didn’t really want a picture perfect perspective on it all as I often find in perspective heavy illos skewing perspectives to make specific points more evident/strong is a better approach and generally more interesting. I didn’t have much time to colour/post fx this within a day so I really didn’t think much ahead of it and just jumped into it with no real direction. The main thing that pulled it all together was throwing some crayon/charcoal skid and skate marks all over the place.

Here’s my final & a quick scan of the illo within the layout (click to enlarge)

Big thanks to art director Sophy Lee @ ESPN who let me run wild on this one!

Also I story boarded Manurewa with Sam Peacocke last which I was fortunate enough to see the screening of last month which was absoilutely amazing. A beautiful short film that hopefully a lot of people can get round to seeing within New Zealand and around the globe. Sam also has created one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time: Sleepeater. The idea, video clip and website (made by oktobor) are amazing and worth a big peak.

Have a great weekend ^.^