wip for goodfuelco ~

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Un-used fight club rough drawings

When I worked on the Redbull Monaco artwork I originally created 3 roughs which were supposed to be for each day of the event. Due to time and client decisions, only one was used in different colour variations. These are the additional compositions and my ‘raw’ files which I would of continued to work on. They are a mix of graphite, charcoal, photoshop and chalk.

Peaks & Pearls sketch

The Band sketches

Sorry about the late update and sorry about the boring post of just a sketch…

I actually put forward this idea in the later part of last year… and its been questioned by the client ever since, hopefully they will pull through with it. The sketch is and idea is for New Zealands music month.. basically a month of NZ music all around the place.

From the get go i was extremely hesitant to follow through with the “vector floral speaker paint splatter” typical approach, and after meeting up with the AD and combining ideas i then put forward this idea of a mini-victorian style band

As you can see its not typically relating to New Zealand, but hey who wants to see a kiwi playing a guitar within NZ? I can easily say 94.8% of NZ wouldn’t.