Swish or Swat double page fold out advert. (40 x 29cm) AD: Alex Landoni

I’ve moved and will be posting all my process sketches/shots/misc to my new Facebook page. I’ll continue posting my finals here on tumblr but the majority of the good stuff will be facebook’d. I’ve always wanted to chat more with the fantastic crowd that continues to support my work and facebook’s interface is a little better for communicating/commenting with any followers. Please do feel fre to join me there :)

<3 bball

Illustration about the next wave of gay athletes for ESPN.

Petter Northug / Red Bull

I worked together with Red Bull Creative early this year to create this promo card for Red Bull’s Cross-country skier Petter Northug. With the initial brief I had to include Petter in a ‘winning’ situation or moment along with references of the Vancouver winter Olympics and the 2nd and 3rd place German and Swiss athletes.

I drew up the sketch below and they were happy with the composition and angle but wanted to make sure I didn’t go to overkill on the effects. I originally was going to add larger foreground and background snow effects (the green big blobs on the rough) but decided to hold off on this and try something more subtle.

The colours had to relate to Red bull and the Olympics so this left little room for other palettes besides a cool/winter like set of blues and whites. I setup these fills in photoshop and then printed out the line work so I could paint some textures and snow effects.

I gave a few layers of paint - One for the sky/snow coming into the backround mountains with some gouche - Another with some flicks/strokes of acrylic to get the desired snow coming down/moving around ski effect - And lastly a seal with some medium and a quick acrylic wash to give it some subtle snow/dust effect. I pulled back most of the effects in the end to keep it more simple.

Thanks - Art director: Natalie Perkins